Wieland Group growing in Asia

The Wieland Group invests > 3 million EUR to expand the production capacity of contour-milled (multi-gauge) strip in Asia, Singapore. As part of its global growth and internationalisation strategy, the Wieland Group is further expanding its operations in Singapore to better serve the Asian market with premium copper products and innovative customer solutions.

The miniaturisation of devices and the increasing demand for electrical/thermal performance of components are essential requirements of the automotive and electronic industries. The rising demand for contour-milled (multi-gauge) strip, especially in the Asian market, is driving the Wieland Group to make investments of > 3 million EUR at the production site Wieland Metals Singapore, Singapore.

Contour-milled strip made of copper and copper alloys offers the processing industry enormous advantages, as the strip already has near-net-shape dimensions. Weight savings in the final product, without loss of performance of the final component, but also the avoidance of expensive additional processing steps are only a few advantages for the processing industry. Miniaturisation also serves to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from combustion engines and to increase the range of electric vehicles by reducing weight.

The Wieland Group is expanding its production capacity at the Singapore site by 30 % with the commissioning of additional lines for contour-milled strip made of copper and copper alloys, thus being at the same level as the production site Langenberg, Velbert (Germany). This is Wieland's contribution to meeting the increased demand from customers in Asia. Operation of the units is planned for Q1 2019.

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