Wieland-Werke AG at the ISH: Energy-efficient surface heating and heat transfer, hygienically first-class drinking water supply

Sanitary materials and piping systems for first-class drinking water hygiene – application-optimised heat exchangers – the cuprotherm umbrella brand presents itself with innovative system extensions and BVF quality seal.

At the ISH 2015 in Frankfurt, the Ulm-based company Wieland-Werke AG presents as a central theme the supply of hygienically first-class drinking water with its branded SANCO copper tubes as well as its sanitary alloys such as CUPHIN and AQCUARIN. SANCO tubes are now available with closed tube ends as standard, thus combining the hygienic advantages of the material copper with packaging that is specially designed to meet the requirements of drinking water hygiene. Regarding sanitary alloys, Wieland focuses on the lead-free premium sanitary material CUPHIN and the new material AQCUARIN. The latter is particularly suitable as a cost-efficient alternative to and follow-on alloy for CW602N. For energy-efficient surface heating with the cuprotherm system based on copper tubes, Wieland has extended the product family. The Ulm-based manufacturer presents, among other products, the cuprotherm.plan wall heating variant. Under the Thermal Solutions brand, Wieland also shows heat-transfer solutions for heat pumps, solid fuel boilers as well as hot water tanks and condensing gas boilers. These solutions feature customer- and application-optimised innovative heat-exchanger geometries characterised by efficiency, compact design and longevity.

The successful cuprotherm umbrella brand now comprises additional innovative solutions: At the end of 2014, the product range of the cuprotherm family has been extended in the fields of wall heating and installation systems. The current portfolio includes new system components for drinking water installation, radiator connection and, of course, surface heating. New are the flush-mounted cuportherm.plan wall heating register as well as control components and system tools. Wieland also presents its newly available supplements to the 33 mm thin-screed ekoBoden variant. The modern CTX installation system based on flexible copper tubes for drinking water applications now also comprises CTX ball valves with an adapter. By offering this comprehensive system range, which is now available under the cuprotherm umbrella brand, Wieland makes it easier for all its partners in design, trade and craft to choose the suitable system solutions for heating, sanitary as well as floor, ceiling and wall surface heating applications.

All drinking water tubes and materials presented at the ISH are on the list of “metallic materials hygienically suitable for drinking water” of the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA). The branded SANCO copper tube, which is universally suitable for high-quality drinking water, heating and gas installations, has been supplied with closed tube ends since 1 January 2015. Based on this special format as well as the material properties of copper, SANCO meets the highest hygienic standards which exceed the usual requirements. Wieland thus meets the requirements of the market. The new SANCO variant is also promoted by the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (Zentralverband Sanitär Heizung Klima) under the “Handwerkermarke”.

Since 2014, Wieland has with AQCUARIN (CW725R) a new sanitary material in its programme which is particularly suitable as a follow-on solution for the dezincification-resistant brass (CW602N). Wieland thus rounds off its portfolio of drinking water alloys, which is led by the lead-free CUPHIN (CW724R) brand.

For the safe heating of heating and drinking water, the double-walled WRKS safety heat exchanger offers particular protection of water against contamination by refrigerants.

From its field of industrial tubes, Wieland presents the K65 high-pressure tube system. Based on the high-strength copper alloy K65, this system is designed for applications with operating pressures of up to 120 bar and is particularly suitable for use as a high-pressure piping system CO2 – as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional refrigerants.