Efficiency, reliability, safety and service: Wieland-Werke AG presents innovative tube products at Mostra Convegno 2016

Mostra Convegno 2016 Mostra Convegno 2016

At the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition from 15th to 18th March 2016 in Milano, four business units of the Wieland-Werke AG present their versatile tube products for refrigeration and air conditioning technology, heating technology, and sanitary facilities. On the booth R21 in Hall 24 there will be on display: Iindustrial tubes in copper and copper alloys (e.g. cupronickel), heat transfer solutions with finned tubes and heat exchangers, blank and coated Frigotec cooling tubes, as well as semi-finished goods made of brass (turned parts, milled parts, and forged parts) for building technology applications.

The highlights of the Wieland Group at the Mostra Convegno are:

Copper tubes for industrial applications. Wieland Industrial Tubes offers its customers a unique combination of planning security through high reliability of delivery, flexibility through individual logistics solutions, as well as adherence to delivery dates.

On display as part of the cuprofin family will be cuprofin S2LD tubes benefiting from an optimized ratio of inner surface vs. tube weight. With the same inner surface, these tubes are significantly lighter than products from the competition and thus save costs.

TÜV-certified K65 copper tubes and the K65 system (consisting of K65 tubes and K65 fittings) are approved for high pressure applications of up to 120 bar, e.g. CO2 cooling systems for supermarkets, and offer the following additional benefits: Simple and proven joining technique through brazing instead of welding, cost reduction through weight per metre reduction, as well as excellent heat transfer characteristics.

For air conditioning, Wieland Thermal Solutions is presenting optimised designs of enhanced tubes for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. For flooded evaporators, the new drop-in solution GEWA-B4HSL offers cost advantages. For newly designed shell and tube evaporators, the latest developments, like GEWA-B6H, offer significant efficiency increases. On display will also be a broad spectrum of materials for a wide variety of applications. In addition, the ThermalS software supporting the design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers and an innovative solution for electronic cooling in data centres will be demonstrated.

In the field of heating technology, Thermal Solutions comes up with a newly designed heat exchanger WRKS to boost the efficiency of domestic hot water pumps. Moreover, a specially optimised double-walled safety tube with leakage channels opens up new perspectives for the heat recovery of greywater.

Buntmetall Amstetten is showing smooth tubes made of cupronickel-10 (CuNi10) and cupronickel-30 (CuNi30) not only in lengths but also in coil format, for e.g. heat exchangers for sea water applications and oil coolers. Thanks to the coil format, the customer is very flexible and able to produce tubes of different lengths without a lot of scrap from the coil. Bare and coated Frigotec cooling tubes for refrigeration and air conditioning installations will also be presented.

In the field of materials for drinking-water components, e.g. fittings, ball valves, etc., the Business Group Extruded and Drawn Products for the product group ‘Machining Brass’ is showing a broad, innovative and reliable portfolio of hygienically approved alloys, including ECOBRASS. With ECOBRASS, lead-free, safe and economical installation is possible already today. Besides ECOBRASS, AQCUARIN is another dezincification-resistant material available to replace the hygienically critical material CW602N. Since January 2016, AQCUARIN has been officially listed as a hygienically suitable material.