By engineers for engineers – Wieland Thermal Solutions reissues the Heat Transfer Data Books

For many years, the Heat Transfer Engineering Data Books have been a standard reference in thermal engineering. They provide both a comprehensive basic knowledge and detailed insights into heat transfer engineering – a valuable resource for engineers in research and industry as well as for thermal engineering university students.

The revised first volume, the so-called Heat Transfer Data Book II, had originally been compiled by the engineers K.J. Bell and A.C. Mueller from Wolverine Tube Inc. On 280 pages, it summarises the fundamentals of heat transfer, from sensible heat transfer and condensation via the use of Trufin tubes in air-cooled heat exchangers through to the optimisation of evaporation processes by using low finned Trufin tubes.

The author of the Heat Transfer Engineering Data Book III is the leading heat and mass transfer scientist Prof. John Thome at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, Switzerland. The book comprises 673 pages as well as almost 200 short film sequences and an Excel calculation tool and describes enhanced heat transfer design methods for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. It covers design considerations for enhanced heat exchangers, single-phase shell-side flows and heat transfer, heat transfer to air-cooled heat exchangers, condensation on external surfaces, condensation inside tubes, boiling heat transfer on external surfaces, two-phase flow pattern, falling film evaporation, thermodynamics of refrigerant mixtures and refrigerant oil, post-dryout heat transfer, flow boiling and two-phase flow of CO2 as well as two-phase flow and boiling in microchannels.

The rights for these publications have since recently been with Wieland-Werke AG. Wieland Thermal Solutions specialises in solving various thermal engineering problems. As a thermal engineering expert, Wieland Thermal Solutions has reissued the books in a modern form as e-book (pdf) and made them again generally available. The English books can be ordered from a German and a US-American online bookstore.

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