Wieland Thermal Solutions at the ISH 2017: Efficient heating of drinking water and recovery of heat from greywater with the “GEWA-safe” safety tube

Ulm – 9 February 2017 – The focus is on efficient heating of drinking water and recovery of heat from greywater when the “Wieland Thermal Solutions” brand presents thermal engineering solutions at the stand of the Ulm-based company Wieland-Werke AG at the ISH 2017.

For the efficient heating of water in heat-pump systems, Wieland Thermal Solutions recommends direct condensation in which domestic water is heated directly in the storage tank by means of a double-wall heat exchanger. Through direct contact with the water in the tank, the heat exchanger requires the smallest temperature differences and heat losses are avoided. The double-wall finned tube of the WRKS heat exchanger also ensures that drinking water is effectively protected against contamination in the event of damage. The GEWA-safe safety tubes are based on a double-wall tube solution. Through a leakage gap it allows leakages in the heat exchanger to be instantly detected. The safety solution, therefore, also meets the requirements of drinking water protection according to DIN EN 1717 for heat-pump systems.

In the field of heat recovery, GEWA-safe tubes also ensure the necessary protection with, at the same time, energy-efficient operation. Heat recovery systems are particularly suitable where energy, which has already been used for heating, can be used for a further process, for example for domestic hot water. When heat is recovered from shower water, energy is extracted from the hot, effluent shower water in order to heat incoming cold water. The safety tube offers the highest thermal conductivity, even in bent condition, due to the material copper combined with optimised design. Connections and the exact design are agreed on an individual basis.

In addition, Wieland Thermal Solutions presents medium-high finned GEWA-D copper tubes for making heating water and solar thermal systems more efficient. For the design of lightweight and compact gas-fired boilers the high-finned GEWA-H tube made of aluminium with its large surfaces is showcased.