Fiscal year 2015/16: net income significantly above the previous year

Current fiscal year: moderate growth expected

In the fiscal year 2015/16 (1 October 2015 to 30 September 2016), the sales quantity of the Wieland Group rose by almost 5 per cent over the prior year to 464,000 tonnes. Sales fell by 8.5 per cent to 2,547 million euros (previous year: 2,784 million euros) as a consequence of lower metal prices. Net income for the year was 64 million euros (previous year: 48 million euros).

The significantly improved result was particularly due to higher sales quantities, a superior-grade product mix as well as cost reductions. Foreign currency developments also had a favourable effect.

Uneven demand

In the fiscal year 2015/16, there was a modest recovery of the global economy, though with regional variations. Demand for products of the Wieland Group was, therefore, uneven. Slackening growth in China had a dampening effect. Business in Europe was still hampered by the continuing conflicts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the slight upturn in the US economy, demand from North America proved stable.

After a disappointing first quarter, demand for Wieland products picked up noticeably in January 2016 and remained strong through to the end of the fiscal year, particularly due to the positive trend in the automotive sector.

The increase in sales quantities was mainly driven by value-added products for applications to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The ongoing trends toward miniaturisation and enhanced energy efficiency bolstered demand for high-performance alloys, particularly for vehicle electronics. Project business with products for the petrochemical industry suffered considerably from continuously low oil and gas prices.

Declining metal prices

At 4,300 euros per tonne, the average price of copper was 17 per cent down on the previous year’s value. The average price of zinc was 1,690 euros, 7 per cent below the prior year’s level.

Capital expenditure

In the fiscal year 2015/16, the Wieland Group invested a total of 70 million euros in tangible assets (prior year: 65 million euros). Of this, Wieland-Werke AG accounted for 30 million euros (prior year: 40 million euros). The investments focused on the German locations Langenberg and Vöhringen, and on the foreign companies Wieland Metals, USA, B. Mason & Sons, UK, and Buntmetall Amstetten, Austria.


In the fiscal year 2015/16, an average of 6,658 employees (prior year: 6,780) were working for the consolidated companies of the Wieland Group, with Wieland-Werke AG accounting for 4,252 (prior year: 4,357).


At the annual general meeting of Wieland-Werke AG on 17 March 2017, a dividend in the amount of 15.5 million euros was declared (prior year: 12.4 million euros).

Current fiscal year

In the current fiscal year, the healthy demand for Wieland products recorded during the course of 2016 is continuing, and there are currently no signs of an imminent change. However, specific factors of uncertainty have remained, such as the trouble spots Russia/Ukraine and the Middle East. Political changes in Europe and in the USA also have to be considered, notably Great Britain's Brexit decision and potential protectionist tendencies in the USA. Against this background, development of the sales quantity is expected to be comparable to that of the previous year.

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