Semi-finished products

Especially what you need!

With our wide range of stock for pre-material and semi-finished products, we are able to fulfill the requirements of our customers, with high flexibility and shortest time possible. Quality, performance and workability are our highest priorities!

  • Roundbars
    Material CuNi10Fe1,6Mn
    Standards EN 12163 / EHN 9413/103 / EHN 9413/110

    Round bars

    Stock programme: Round bars 
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  • Hexagon bars
    Material CuNi10Fe1,6 Mn
    Standards EN 12163

    Hexagon Bars

    Stock programme: Hexagon Bars 
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  • Plates and sheets
    Material CuNi10Fe1Mn (CW352H)
    Standards EN 1652
    EN 1653
    ASTM B171

    Sheets and Plates

    Stock programme: Sheets and Plates 
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  • Welding filler material for EUCARO10


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