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EUCARO is a global player. To fulfill your needs optimal, please choose your country partner.

Your EUCARO Offshore CuNi 90/10 contacts:

  • Australia, New Sealand, Great Britain, Singapur, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Geremany

    Björn Leinemann
    Sales Director

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  • Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Baltic, Island, Spain, Italy, Canada, North America, Germany

    Carsten Schönhoff
    Sales Manager

    Tel. +49 421 520 25-53
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  • Russian, Turkey, Mid- and South America, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Austria, Germany

    Ralf Varnhagen
    Sales Manager / Project Manager

    Tel. +49 421 52025-58
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  • China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Korea,Japan, Taiwan, North Africa, Germany

    Alexander Trocker
    Sales Manager / Technical Support

    Tel. +49 421 52025-40
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  • France, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Swiss, UAE, Germany

    Dennis Tuschke
    Sales Manager

    Tel. +49 421 52025-54
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